Kamis, 06 April 2017


Hello, on this blog i'm going to tell you about My Best Grandmother Ever!!

My grandmother's name is Budi Harnawati, but people usually called her Ibu Suyono (my grandfather's name)
She was amazing! She is 66 years old, but still can drove me to school and take me back to home. Everyday, she always cooked for me and a whole family. Her cooking is veeeeeeeeery good!
She waked up at 3pm for Tahajud, then she taked a bath, and waked me up to school.
She always told me a good story with a good advice everyday, so i can thought that she really loves me!!
But sometimes, she get mad at me and being 'galak' :( But, thats a good for me so i'm not going to makes my mistake for second time.
She is a funny grandma, she always laugh on the things that didn't funny at all...
She likes gossip with my mom at night, and always 'nguping' me when i was told my mom about my story at the day!!
And she always being want to know something of things that me and my mom talking about
But, after all, she was the best grandma ever. She take care of me everyday, cooked for me, waked up in the morning for me, makes some jokes for me, trying to makes me happy everyday, and never wanted to saw me cried.
When i was broke up with my ex-boyfriend at Junior Highschool, i was crying when i arrived at home. She got panic and called my mom! She told me a lot of advice untill i can remember all of it :(

I loved my grandmother so much!!!
She was the best, the funniest, and loveable grandmother ever!1


Hello guys, on this blog i'm going to tell you about my school event ( sport day ) or you can called it DEWA ATHENA.

On this event, they haved a lot of games. For example; dodgeball, futsal, running, gobak sodor, and basketball. I'm playing dodgeball and futsal. But i losed :(

First, we gathered at Lapangan Bali for opening ceremony. Siti Ghiska (X-Social-1) will be my LO and thats fun because she is my bestfriend!!
Next, we started playing basketball (boy), my class won!!!! So we can moved to final competition. But, when the girl started to played, we ruined the game because no one of us can played it well, hahaha.
Then, i saw gobak sodor with my friends, but i dont really understand with the rules of that game. Because, simce i was little, i never played that game..
Gobak sodor was really fun!!! They catch a member of another team ( your rival ), and the other team keep running to find a space for jumping to another place.
Next, i played Dodgeball. I don't really understand too with this game.. But i thought they look a like hand ball (if i'm not wrong hehe). We passed the ball with our hand to our team's friend, and keep doing that untill we got a score.

We got an ISHOMA for our break, so we ate at WARDAN because it is a nearest food area to Lapangan Bali. Ghiska told us about our next game and what game we losed, what game we won.

I really enjoyed this event because we have the same very cute jersey with white and dark blue color, with our name on behind!!!! All of my friend loved it ofcourse, because we can still wore it if this event was ended.

Thats my story about my sport day DEWA ATHENA, thankyou!

Senin, 27 Februari 2017
















1.      How you talk to bird
2.      Favorite kids snack
3.      Rich
4.      Electronic cigarretes
5.      _____ Furious
6.      Bright
7.      A big mouse
8.      Eye in the sky
9.      Kingdom family is called ____ family
10.  Walking Dead
11.  ‘Worse’ bird
12.  Something booming

1.      Snow white bites ____ , then die
2.      Awkarin’s stuff in her hand
3.      King
4.      Re-make damage stuff
5.      More
6.      ‘A’ score mean ____
7.      High building
8.      Tools for cutting trees
9.      ___ Riding Hood
10.  When people think they’re the best
11.  Shapes look like guitar